Bundaberg Today: Agri-Tourism

Supplying 25 percent of the nation’s produce and globally recognised brands calling our backyard home, the Bundaberg region is constantly growing.  

With Australian consumer trends evolving, there is a greater emphasis on more thoughtful and responsible food choices, especially in relation to production, provenance, and the ethics of the companies from which they buy.  People want to know where their food comes from and meet the people behind the products. As well as experience the ultimate in low food miles, by enjoying produce nearby where it is grown and made.  

Becoming an incredibly important part of the economy, agri-tourism ranges from cellar doors and distilleries to farm-gates, tours, and overnight experiences. It also encompasses the activities that surround the industry such as restaurants and cafes showcasing local produce on their menus, and of course, food festivals and immersive experiences like cooking classes.

With people actively seeking out experiences where they can learn more about the food on their plate and the drinks they buy off the shelf, agri-tourism allows visitors to connect with the people producing day-in and day-out. Delivering these experiences provide producers with supplementary income channels and the opportunity to engage with their consumers in a different way.

With a booming culinary industry in regional Queensland and food and drinks being a significant factor in influencing holiday decision making, marketing, and developing these types of attractions is a key game changer for the Bundaberg region.

With the help of the Queensland Government’s Growing Tourism Infrastructure Funding, Macadamia’s Australia will soon be able to share their generational farming story with people through their new visitor experience. A wonderful example of agri-tourism, the attraction will give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of macadamia’s and learn more about Australia’s largest macadamia producing region, contributing to our local economy, and creating more jobs.

From Taste Bundaberg Festival putting a spotlight on our producers, to our cafes and restaurants showcasing local food and drinks on their menus, promoting agri-tourism across the Bundaberg region provides us with a unique drawcard to attract visitors, keep them here in longer and help grow the region.  We’d love to know more about your favourite farm-gates around the region, let us know!

Yours in tourism, 

Katherine Reid, CEO  

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