Bundaberg Today: Sustainability and Electric Vehicles 

The last year has given many of us the time to consider our impacts on the environment and the actions we take as individuals every day, to preserve our incredible country for generations to come.

With an increase in desire to live sustainably and contribute positively to our environment, consumers across the globe are actively seeking eco-friendly ways to travel in 2021. Taking the road less travelled, uncovering hidden gems, giving back to the communities they visit and getting back to nature, are all on many peoples’ must-do lists.

As people continue to favour drive holidays this year due to the freedom, independence, and safety it offers, coupled with the preference for greener travel, we can expect to see more Australians embracing sustainable transport.

Electric vehicles allow people to hit the road while being more eco-friendly. Better for our environment, this form of travel is already becoming increasingly popular among consumers who are looking to do their part to conserve our world.   

By producing fewer emissions, these cars have less of an impact than regular cars, helping to improve air quality and reduce energy consumption. On average, a medium-sized car travelling from Brisbane to Bundaberg generates 130 kilograms of emissions. In perspective, to offset these emissions in 1 year, you would need to plant 700 trees and shrubs! 

This inclination for sustainable travel comes with growing opportunities for our region and the tourism industry. With consumers embracing purposeful holidays, it is increasing peoples’ desire to travel for good… to not only positively contribute to the environment but to the local communities they visit too.

Because the cost of transport is lower with electric vehicles, people are taking up drive holidays with these types of cars instead and spending their additional money at local businesses and on tours and attractions, instead of on their transport.

With more than 70% of our visitors to the region coming by road due, electric vehicles provide a great opportunity for our region, allowing people to immerse themselves in our backyard while helping to preserve our rich environment and support our economy.

Yours in tourism, 

Katherine Reid, CEO  

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