Claim your place on Google

The best 10 minutes you can spend on your business today:
1. Visit
2. Click ‘Start Now’
3. Find your business on the map – if it’s not there, you can put it there!
4. Enter your business name, address and phone
5. Select your business category
6. Confirm your business
7. If your business is a new listing, Google will post you a verification envelope
8. In the meantime, you can set up your google page for your business

Claim your listing on TripAdvisor

1. Go to
2. Choose your business type
3. Enter your business name and city
4. Choose to either register your business or to continue without registering

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

The ATDW is the Australian tourism industry’s warehouse of travel product. It enables tourism operators increased online exposure by delivering their product across ATDW’s growing distribution networks.

By listing on the ATDW, your business will gain increased online exposure by being published not only on BNBT’s digital platforms, but also:
• Tourism and Events Queensland’s consumer site
• Tourism Australia
• About Australia
• Inclusion in the Queensland Holidays App

Benefits of an ATDW listing for your business
• You control your product listing information, with your own personal MyATDW log in
• You only need to submit your product information once – which is then distributed far and wide
• It’s a simple and easy way to get your product listed on multiple websites, nationally and internationally
• An extremely cost-effective online distribution strategy
• Increased exposure of your product.
And…..event listings are free!
1. Visit and click on the “List your Event for FREE” button
2. Complete the registration form for your MyATDW account
3. Log in and create your event listing!

Bookeasy – our online booking facility

You can have a Bookeasy listing which advertises your business details and/or make reservations for your business.

Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism is partnered with Bookeasy, the leading destination management software solution for tourism centres across Australia.

Bookeasy can be used to make real-time bookings at the tourism centre plus allow visitors to our website to interactively search and book our region’s tourism products and services. This is available to you as a part of your membership with BNBT.

Our objective is to simply galvanise the region by using a booking system which allows us to better streamline processes but more importantly continue to deliver our members more booking returns.

With Bookeasy, the VIC team can help assist in:
● How to access your own Bookeasy console
● How to update your products and services to enable us to make bookings on your behalf
● How to seamlessly update Bookeasy including connecting to your Channel Manager (if you have one)
● Ways to generate more bookings from our team
● How your business profile can be updated to ensure you are marketed in the best light to potential visitors
If we make reservations, our booking terms and conditions will be:
● Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism will make and process a booking on your behalf based on the information loaded in Bookeasy
● Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism will be responsible for managing the payment process with the visitor
● The Bookeasy system will automatically send an email and/or SMS booking notification to you for any bookings generated
● Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism will forward payment to you for all booking generated on a fortnightly basis
● The commission level for reservations with Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism will be 12%

Bookeasy offers excellent features that benefit you, your customers and our region so we strongly encourage you to become involved.

If you would like Emily to send you your username and password to your Bookeasy console area or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Emily This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To make the most of your partnership with Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism, spread the word that you are a partner!
As a partner you have access to the use of BNBT logos and branding (approval required).

Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view make contact with our Marketing Manager Ellie on how to best use our the BNBT logos.

How to Support BNBT and the SGBR Brand

Social Media:

• Use hashtags #visitbundaberg #northburnett #tastebundaberg #southerngreatbarrierreef #thisisqueensland, #seeaustralia in your social channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
• Use inspiring destination imagery in your social channels and tag us by using @visitbundaberg

Email and Website:

• Email signatures for BNBT and SGBR campaigns have been developed if you would like to add this to your email templates.
• Continue to use inspirational destination images on your website and other communications – ask BNBT for access to the image gallery.
• Incorporate destination copy and key messages on your website, brochures and other collateral
• When updating your website or collateral, consider brand colours, imagery and logos
• Perhaps also include tv advertisements or other destination videos on your website


• As mentioned above, consider using images across your brochures, websites and social media channels
• Use artwork around your business that reflects the destination
• Visit the Queensland image gallery and register for free and browse for a great selection of imagery:

Making the most of our Hero Experiences

Meet your customer

Whether your business engages directly with visitors or operators behind the scenes, your most valuable marketing tool is the ‘experience’ you give your visitors. If their experience is highly rated, you can expect word of mouth to help sell your product or destination.

Every business, agency and community plays a vital role in delivering the ‘destination experience’ and it is important to recognise that the experience includes the whole journey from:
• Dreaming of the ideal holiday;
• Planning and booking the trip and beginning to imagine it;
• Experiencing it first-hand; and
• Sharing the experience with others.

What is an ‘experience?’

An ‘experience’ is what your visitor gains from the combination of activities, settings and personal interactions they participate in when they visit your destination and your product. Think unique, unexpected and exotic; things that your guests cannot do anywhere else in the world or you can do better than anyone else. The kinds of things that mean they will post a photo on Facebook, Instagram or Tweet about it straight away and still be talking about it at parties and social gatherings for months or even years later.

Visitors ultimately create their own experiences but they do this by drawing on what you provide at every level. This control over the external elements is the way you stage the experience so that visitors get the most out of it. At the core of an exceptional visitor experience is your company’s ability to purposefully and thoughtfully combine your physical and human assets with the emotional interactions that visitors are looking for.

The Visitor Experience

A tourism ‘experience’ is the emotional feeling or personal achievement a visitor develops from the purchase, participation or consumption of a tourism product – accommodation, attractions or tours.

All businesses across the tourism spectrum have a role to play in delivering the visitor experience; for more information download Queensland’s Hero Experience Guidebook which covers:
• What is 'Experience Development'?
• What are Destination 'Hero Experiences'?
• How to support and strengthen your Destination Hero Experiences through the development of your own businesses Signature Experience

What are ‘Hero Experiences’?

Hero experiences are those world-class iconic experiences that:
• provide a destination with a real competitive advantage over other destinations,
• focus on what is truly unique or memorable or engaging about a destination, and meet the needs of identified target markets.

Why ‘Hero Experiences’?

Focusing on a destination’s ‘hero experiences’ is:
• responding to the demands of our domestic and international visitors,
• designed to gain a competitive advantage over other destinations, and
• An opportunity to focus the efforts of tourism stakeholders and create partnerships.

Bundaberg North Burnett Hero Experiences are:


Southern Great Barrier Reef
The southernmost point of the Great Barrier Reef begins here with a boat cruise to Lady Musgrave Island or a short scenic flight to Lady Elliot Island, both departing from Bundaberg. Stroll one of the islands stunning, secluded beaches to snorkel on vivid, colourful coral reef.

Supporting Attributes and Potential Clusters:
Lady Musgrave, Lady Elliot, snorkel or dive, day trips or overnight, eco-resort, mega marine life/Great 8, live aboard charters.


Regional Flavours
Immerse yourself in the tapestry of a rich agriculture heritage, rich red soils and idyllic growing conditions, the Bundaberg North Burnett region has an abundance of produce, matched by the iconic Bundaberg products of sugar, rum and ginger beer.

Supporting Attributes and Potential Clusters:
Drink Bundaberg tour, wine trails, regional food markets, farm gate stalls, culinary trails, fresh seafood, cafes & restaurants highlighting local products in dishes.


Witness the cycle of life and one of the true wonders of the natural world as hundreds of sea turtles return to the beach every year to nest and then 6-8 weeks later, their hatchlings make their perilous journey back to the sea.

Supporting Attributes and Potential Clusters:
Mon Repos nesting season (Nov-Dec), hatching season (Jan-Mar), SGBR islands, snorkel, dive with turtles. Bucket list experience.


Regional Character
A strong connection to the land, sea and cultural heritage of the region, chatting with locals will make a lasting impression on visitors. Really get to know this special part of Queensland by exploring its coastal gems, lakes, gorges, farms and rural landscape while getting to know the people who are proud to live here.

Supporting Attributes and Potential Clusters:
Historical hotels and townships, museums, farm gate tours, ACW, RM Williams Centre, drive journeys, walking tours, race days, cattle yard sales, farmstays.

Southern Great Barrier Reef

The Southern Great Barrier Reef (SGBR) is a cooperative destination marketing partnership between BNBT and the Regional Tourism Organisations in the Gladstone (GAPDL) and Capricorn (CE) regions, encapsulating the southern gateway of the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.

The campaign firmly establishes the Southern Great Barrier Reef as the official start of one of the world’s great wonders….and it’s a partnership that enables us to pool our marketing budgets and stretch them further than ever before!

This brand has been designed to fit within the broader Queensland brand family framework.

At the heart of our brand is our core promise:

Feel the awe of discovering stunning, secluded reef that’s within reach.

Feel the Awe - Reflects the feeling you get from being up close and personal with the quantity and size of the marine life, as well as the sheer beauty of the place.

Discovering - Reflects the desire to be adventurous and less mainstream.

Stunning - Captures the Wow Factor of the place, reinforcing both its beauty and the awe it inspires.

Secluded Reef - Captures the small, scale, intimate experience. Reinforces the sense of being an intrepid explorer.

Within Reach - ‘Within Reach’ is about the destination’s accessibility to Brisbane and South-East Queensland (our target market), it is about being able to step straight from your accommodation onto the Great Barrier Reef. For Connectors, ‘Within Reach’ represents the adventurous end of accessible. For Experience Seekers, it’s the accessible end of adventure.

Southern Great Barrier Reef is comprised of the three Connector Destinations of Bundaberg North Burnett, Capricorn and Gladstone regions.

The Connector segment sees holidays as a chance to connect with the people they care about most. They will often compromise their own preferences in terms of activities ensuring everyone has a good time. It’s about what is real and what’s important.

What’s a Famil?

For starters…’s a shortened version of the word ‘familiarisation’. Throughout the year BNBT, often in
partnership with our Southern Great Barrier Reef partners and TEQ, host familiarisation tours into the region.

Famils target 3 key groups:
• Local – includes volunteer ambassadors, local residents, fellow tourism operators, BNBT Staff
• Trade - includes wholesalers, travel agents and inbound tour operators
• Media – includes journalists, writers and digital influencers for print, broadcast and online media outlets.

There are some nuts and bolts you’ll need to have in place before you sign up for any famil program. As well as being prepared to host famils free of charge (FOC) or at a discounted rate, your product should be:

• in excellent order and run to high standards
• accessible and safe
• commissionable (for trade)
• registered with ATDW – highly recommended
• have your fact sheets and/or rates sheets (trade) and media kits (media) prepared

How to Make the Most of a Famil
You want to blow the socks off your media, trade and tourism guests because if they love your product, they’ll tell others about it and nothing sells better than glowing referrals and recommendations.

The key is to prepare like you were being judged for a big award, because that’s exactly what’s happening. Your product and services are being summed up and compared with the competition. To give your product a leading edge look for points of difference that will make your famil guests feel special. For example, Bundaberg has amazing local produce and some really iconic products, if you are an accommodation house, make sure there’s some seasonal produce in the breakfast basket, or perhaps Bundaberg Ginger Beer in the fridge. Media are constantly on the lookout for a good story or photo op to hashtag and comment about!

Be prepared - Make it memorable - Do your follow up

• Be a good host
• Personally greet your famil guests & treat them as VIPs during their stay
• Be on time and well organised with your scheduling
• Cater to their individual needs
• Think about the detail
• Check on how they are going throughout their visit
• Say goodbye and follow up within a few days with a short note of thanks

Handy Marketing Resources to check out

Take a look at Tourism and Events Queensland, latest campaign, ‘I know just the place’. Every operator can leverage off this amazing marketing piece, by using @Queensland in their social media messaging and ensuring you are using #visitbundaberg and #thisisqueensland into your posts.

Understand Brand Queensland by jumping online here:

Big Marketing Guide
Not sure how much you should be spending on advertising or what branding is? Need to learn how to write a press release or have a cool story idea but don’t know what to do with it? The Big Marketing Guide covers everything you need to know to successfully market your business to consumers, media and the tourism industry. It has loads of practical information and advice to help you get started on and improve your marketing.

The Big Marketing Guide has been developed by the crew at Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) specifically for Queensland tourism businesses. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf here.

Planning for Inbound Success
Have you considered whether your product is suitable for the international market? A number of issues need to be considered by tourism and event businesses when promoting their product or event internationally. Tourism Australia has developed a Planning for Inbound Success guide that will:

• Describe inbound tourism and export-ready product
• Explain the motivation, cultural differences and travel styles of the inbound traveler
• Clarify the travel distribution system
• Provide tools to market and distribute your product internationally
• Identify key contacts and resources

The guide provides information on basic tools and key contacts needed to enter inbound tourism. It’s also a great idea to talk to your RTO contacts, as BNBT often have trade mentoring programs covering both the domestic and international wholesale and inbound markets. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf here.

The Grants Guide
This handy guide was developed by TEQ to provide businesses with information on how to become 'grant ready'. The Grants Guide provides useful information on grants and how they can help your business. The Grants Guide also gives advice on how to search for the right grant, and how to write a great grant application.

View the Grants Guide to help you on your grant application journey.

Tourism Australia

Here are some great opportunities (majority of which are FREE) for you to promote your businesses, learn about what Tourism Australia do, and keep up to date with industry trends:

The latest edition of the Working with Tourism Australia guide can be found here.

Aussie Specialist Program – reach international travel agents that specialise in selling Australia for FREE

• The Aussie Specialist Program is an online training platform used to train travel agents around the world.
• The Program was recently relaunched, with all inbound markets now using the new platform.
• There are two main ways that you can engage with the 40,000-strong network of Aussie Specialists.
The Travel Club is a discounted travel program that is available to fully-qualified Aussie Specialist agents to use during their personal holiday to Australia.
• Operators can encourage Aussie Specialists to experience their product by offering an industry rate. Once an agent has experienced a product first-hand, they’re able to sell it much more effectively.
• This is a great way to showcase your product – you’ll be able to send through an image and description of your product/experience to be listed on the Aussie Specialist site.
• You can submit an offer and upload an image here.
• You can also submit a product update video – a 2-3min video that can be used to update travel agents on your product.
• The idea is to talk direct to the Aussie Specialist agents and talk about your product/experience.
• It can be a simple video filmed on a smart phone – these often work well.
• You can find more information here.

Use the ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ logo
• Our members can leverage TA’s global consumer campaign ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ by using the campaign logo in their collateral (brochures, flyers etc.) and on their website.
Downloading the logo is easy and is free of charge

Leverage TA social media channels
• Tourism Australia’s social media program continues to see some impressive results, and are now up to 7m Facebook fans, and 2.2m Instagram followers.
• Check out the Tips & Tricks page that their team has created to help industry leverage the Aquatic & Coastal campaign, as well as how to generally get involved.
• A reminder to keep using #seeaustralia (and #restaurantaustralia) to have the opportunity to be featured in the Australia social channels.
• They’ve also created a short YouTube clip inviting Australians to ‘Share Australia’ via social media.
• Don’t forget that you can also upload photos directly to our Facebook page.

Market Insights
• If you’re keen to learn more about various inbound markets check out our market profile documents – SGBR’s international focus is on NZ, UK, Europe and a little of the Americas.
• These highlight market performance, aviation landscape, planning and booking info sources as well as distribution insights across 17 inbound markets.
• These give a more detailed insight into the most important factors for travellers when selecting holiday destinations.
• You can also view/listen to the market updates that were delivered by our Regional General Managers and Country Managers at the 2017 Australian Tourism Exchange.
• Check them out here – hope you find them useful:

Tourism Export Toolkit (TExT)
This publication has been put together by ATEC in conjunction with TA and all of the State/Territory Tourism Organisations. It’s a document that will guide you through the inbound distribution space – well worth a read.